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About me

Connect to Your Feminine Power and Discover the Purposeful, Confident Woman Inside of You

I’m glad you’ve decided to meet me here. ms-portrettstrand

You’ve probably arrived because you know something needs to change in your life but you’re not sure of how or where to start.

You trusted your intuition enough to get you here, now it’s time to start taking steps to embrace yourself as you were truly meant to be.

For almost 20 years, I’ve enjoyed working with hundreds of women in helping them to restore their health, connect with their purpose and tap into their feminine power.

I work with women who know at a soul level, they are meant for more in their life.

I am here to support you to get unstuck so you can experience happiness, health and the freedom you desire.

My Purpose

My purpose is to guide you so you can find the breakthrough that will make positive changes in your life and in your business. I’m here to read the energy in your body and show you where you are stuck or blocked so you can realign yourself and find true balance and wellbeing.

I’d love to be the one who shows you the path to rediscovering yourself and connecting with your true power.

Through my programs and intensives, I draw from over 20 years of clinic work in acupuncture, Traditional Chinese Medicine, homeopathy, massage, and life counseling to provide you with tools and methods you need to realign your mind with your body and soul and reach your fullest potential.

My mission is to help you connect to your soul power and confidence.

We’ll start with exploring how you got to where you are right now, why you’re here and how to move forward.

Then I’ll show you how to take steps to breakthrough, embrace your power and show you the positive impact it will have on every aspect of your life.

Let’s start the journey together.



Professional Bio for Maki Svendsen

Maki Svendsen is an energy expert that empowers women who know there is something more to their lives and soul. She uses over 20 years of experience and expertise in energy therapy to help women rediscover parts of themselves that they have been blinded to or have been blocked or disconnected from so they can learn who they really are and connect with their soul’s power.

Maki has received praise from clients from her 20 years of experience and dedication to helping women to connect back to their hearts. She is committed to revealing her client’s true sense of purpose, unblocking their energy, and showing them how to use confidence to unleash their power so they can start understanding their own unique destiny.

Maki started working in her own clinic in 1997. Over the last 20 years, she has built a successful business as a health practitioner while raising a son and traveling the world. Her focus has been on studying and learning different self-growth modalities for herself and others. It is through this work that she has found happiness and peace that she never imagined possible.