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“Every Woman Deserves to Fulfill Her Soul´s Destiny and Live a Life of Pure Joy” – Maki Svendsen


I believe we all have the capacity to heal ourselves, be happy and create miracles in our lives. Everyone has an energy field surrounding them and if you change your energy and get it working properly, you can change your life. Totally!!!”


Your energetic frequency could be the ONE thing holding you back from the success, abundance and fulfillment you crave.

Discover how to change your energy, so you can finally start living a truly meaningful and empowered life.

When you work with me, you will find the confidence to be yourself and become fully aligned with your needs, wants, and desires.

Choose from one of my programs below so you can let go of stress, take time for yourself discover new meaning
and exactly who you were born to be.


One On One Coaching Options:

  • Option #1 – 90 Days to an Empowered Life
  • Option #2 – One Day Intensive

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Private coaching programmes are available by application only.
If you would like to apply, please book a complimentary 30 minute discovery call by clicking below:


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Make Today Your First Step Towards Empowerment

  • If you’re tired of feeling drained and unfulfilled..
  • If you’re wondering what’s next in your life..
  • If you know something needs to change and fast…

I invite you to sign up for one of my programs today!


“Working with Maki has changed my life. She ‘saw’ me and helped me get to know myself, and trust myself on a deeper level so I could reach my true desires. I learned how to set boundaries and change my relationship with myself, let go and release fear and open up to a life filled with joy and love.
There have been many ‘good conversations’ through the years and I am so grateful for all the help and support Maki has provided me. Her support was so necessary for me to stand firm while going through all the emotions and the difficult situations I have been through. I also participated a in a 5 week group course with Maki which gave me fantastic energy, courage and strength to move towards my dreams.
I am now confident I know what I want. I am following my dreams and have started my dream work. I really recommend from all my heart that you sign up with Maki for a course or a life-changing session.»


– Anita Bjørbekk, Daglig leder i Kreativ Kunst


“I needed help clearing my thoughts. I was in a place in my life where I had million ideas on what I wanted to do with my future, which became confusing and tiring. I was not able to make any decisions on what I was going to do, and I felt very lost.
I had a conversation with Maki, and she helped me in so many ways. I was able to organize my thoughts and I went from feeling very lost, to feeling excited about my future.
After our conversation I was inspired and excited – feelings I had not felt for months. When I look back now, I know that at some point in my life I would have figured it out myself, the only difference is that it would have taken me a long time.
Thanks to Maki, I feel that for the first time, I am definitely on the right path. What Maki told me, and what we talked about, makes sense to me now, all I needed was her guidance to find the right direction.”

– Marthe Wendelborg